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Kidpowerment Yoga Training

With Christyn Schroeder

May 18th + 19th

Kidpowerment Yoga Training

Teaching Yoga to Children: Foundations

For anyone! Join children’s yoga specialist, Christyn Schroeder {KidPowerment founder and director}, for a fun-filled weekend where you will learn the basics of creating dynamic, multidimensional yoga classes that reach and challenge children of all learning styles and age levels. This is a course is a wonderful foundation to begin your Children’s Yoga journey upon, or to re-inspire your current work with children.

    What you can expect to learn:

  • Steps to creating effective classes
  • Introduction to child development/anatomy
  • Effective classroom management skills
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Practices
  • How to enhance learning with story telling, music, art projects, and more
  • Yoga poses and breath work for kids - the how and the why
  • Creating guided meditations to calm and inspire
  • Partner poses to grow confidence and community
  • Yoga Games to embody lessons taught

In addition, participants will get the chance to take part in a real Children’s Yoga Class to witness the tools in action. This weekend will be filled with a balance of active learning, group creation, and contemplative practices. We will play, laugh, and explore our way through each day!

Unwinding Patterns: Restorative Yoga Training

With Nicole Clark and Kate Robinson

March 23rd-24th

Unwinding Patterns
Unwinding Patterns: Restorative Yoga Training

A Study in Restorative Yoga Through a Trauma-Informed Lens

For anyone - not just Yoga Teachers!

You do not have to be good. / You only have to let the soft animal of your body / love what it loves. ~ Mary Oliver

The art of undoing patterns of tension, gripping, and protective holding is at the heart of restorative yoga. At this particular moment in our collective history, creating the time and space for deeper listening is crucial for self-care and for leading a truly well-balanced yoga class.

This training is dedicated to exploring the benefits and transformative potential in restorative yoga for EVERY body, everyday. From the strategic use of props, to crafting genuine and customized support tailored to a diverse audience, we’ll tap into a quieter, nourishing practice. (You’ll also get plenty of time on the bolster for yourself!)

You’ll leave this training with a dynamic and mobile restorative toolbox, confidence in your intuition as a teacher and practitioner, and a quiet sense of grounding.

    Who is this training for?

  • Yoga students interested in a deeper understanding of the power of restorative yoga, and how to integrate these techniques into your home practice
  • Yoga teachers who are interested in teaching restorative yoga
  • Yoga teachers who are interested in weaving restorative shapes into their non-restorative classes

    You'll leave with:

  • A clear understanding of how to skillfully incorporate restorative poses into your classes
  • Working with abundant AND limited props
  • Crafting an intuitive and soulful restorative yoga class for your students, and yourself
  • Understanding the power of basic hands-on assists
  • Thoughts on the wisdom of omitting hands-on assists
  • Knowledge of the variables that can create a trauma-informed restorative class

Join Nicole and Kate for a Trauma-Informed Restorative Yoga long weekend! Yoga Alliance CE’s available.

$400, or 2 payments of $225

Saturday and Sunday 12-8

Restore to Remember - Luxury Yoga Retreat

Andalucia, Spain

May 23-30th, 2020

You are not your job. You are not your familiar role, what you have accomplished, what you failed to do. You are not what you have or do not have. You are not your talent or your looks. Do you remember who you are?

This year, we retreat to rejuvenate and restore on Spain’s southern coast, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is common to feel guilty for taking time for yourself, and yet we would be better versions of ourselves if we did so. Our world is fast-paced and demanding, and we rarely allow for our bodies to properly rest. On this retreat, will be slowing down to spoil ourselves, remembering our essence by stripping away our daily routines and expectations.

The retreat is comprised of many offerings. You may participate in all, or you may find that you need to melt in to a lounge chair at the salt water pool or the beach. There will be a vinyasa or a slow flow class each morning, and an evening restorative practice. There will be an opportunity to make your own malas with Jess, flamenco dancing, hiking, and an opportunity to visit nearby Malaga, to visit the Picasso museum and explore one of Europe’s finest beaches. All meals at the retreat center are included, and there are tea and snacks available between. One massage or other treatment is included in the price.

Restore to Remember, Spain
Restore to Remember, Spain

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